Edward reminds Ludeca that his mother is Mercian in blood and defied him by sending troops to help them. Æthelhelm the Elder or Æthelhelm of Wiltshire is a main character in The Last Kingdom television series, and a supporting character in The Saxon Stories novel series. Ludeca fears that Burgred will do something foolish to assure his son’s seat on the throne. She requests to speak to her son. Eardwulf believes their in need of a peacemaker, someone to unite the divisions. Last Kingdom: Who was Aelflaed? As Ælswith is being taken away, she claims that Stiorra and Æthelstan are Dane slaves and that if Brida values her people, she would take care of them. ("Episode 4.7"), Edward tells Æthelhelm to leave Aegelesburg. Æthelstan admits that he’s the elder brother, and Sigtryggr decides to take both. He assures them that while Ælfwynn is safe, she will not be betrothed as Eardwulf has confessed to the murder of Æthelred and fled Mercia. Hair Like in the series, the throne was passed to Alfred the Great, and after he died Aethelwold disputed the throne with Alfred's son, Edward the Elder. Edward offered his protection to Ælflæd, however, he is not yet king, and the time when power passes from an elder to a younger king is met with danger. READ MORE: Last Kingdom: Who was Aelflaed? For a time Aethelwold had a claim to be the most powerful ruler in England. He lost many men in the battle, including Steapa. The wind shifts in Winchester. Edward refuses to ignore the Mercians plight again. However, Sigtryggr wants Uhtred taken to the hall first. Eardwulf arrives after being invited to feast with them. Lord Æthelhelm doesn’t believe it is wise to distract themselves with other matters given the ongoing threat with the Danes. ("Episode 4.7"), Edward asks Uhtred where is Ælfwynn. Express. As he awaits Aethelflaed's reinforcements, Edward besieges Winchester. Status Children Ælfweard - GrandsonEdwin - GrandsonÆthelhild - GranddaughterEadgifu - GranddaughterEadflæd - GranddaughterEadhild - GranddaughterEadgyth - GranddaughterÆlfgifu - Granddaughter In the first part of our interview with The Last Kingdom’s Adrian Schiller, we talked all things Aethelhelm, improvising on set, and who passed gas in the middle of a critical scene. Pyrlig takes Æthelhelm to the hall to meet with Alfred and Ælswith. ... Aethelhelm, will undoubtedly conspire against his firstborn to ensure his second son Aelfweard will get the throne. The Last Kingdom season four spoilers – including its ending – follow. On Alfred's death in 899 Æthelhelm's younger brother Æthelwold unsuccessfully contested the succession. Reign Æthelhelm reports the arrival of Ælswith to Edward and Pyrlig. Notice Another son would strengthen their position. This article is about Æthelhelm, but you may be looking for this Æthelhelm. ("Episode 3.7"), Æthelhelm and Ælflæd have arrived for the arranged marriage. Pyrlig and Ludeca then inform them of a sickness spreading across Mercia. ("Episode 4.10"), Ælswith wonders why Sigtryggr is showing such kindness. Æthelred was the lord of Mercia and the husband of Æthelflæd. Lady Aelswith finds herself in unfamiliar territory in Season … Alfred insists that Edward will be king. Æthelhelm's mother was probably Wulfthryth.. ("Episode 4.3"), Ælswith joins King Edward, Lord Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Pyrlig at the table and asks if they’ve heard about Cnut and how he continues to burn villages from Tofeceaster to Fagranford. They’re being kept alive so the Danes can make a show of their deaths. When is the Netflix release date for The Last Kingdom season 5? As does Edward’s morning gift. Lord Æthelhelm adds that she would not be welcomed by the grieving widows of the Wessex men whose lives were lost. However, Edward wants all his forces in Aegelesburg. So, he looks elsewhere, possibly at Eardwulf. Warning: contains The Last Kingdom season 4 spoilers. The author is known for having a passion for British history. Lord Æthelhelm proposes that Edward allow the Lord of Mercia to return defend to his wife and land. Edward questions why his mother is still outside the gate. He believes that Eardwulf is simply devoted to himself and would risk the bad air for treasure. The Last Kingdom spoilers for season four below.. The man they’ve both known since childhood. Unfortunately, the fugitives haven’t been located. Alfred asks Æthelhelm’s opinion of Uhtred, who he sees as nothing more than an outlaw. While she is a strong woman with a big heart, she has done bad things that hurt many people on both sides of the Danes vs. Saxons conflict of The Last Kingdom. Both he and his brother were too young to inherit the throne in 871 and it passed to their uncle King Alfred the Great (Ælfred) who granted them both lands. Edward retorts that his father is gone. From Uhtred saving Winchester from a catastrophe to Sigtryggr and Brida taking over the kingdom. He then exchanges his gold ring for the purple flowers from the yard retrieved by the guard. Ludeca advises they close the gate to prevent any more sick villagers from entering. Not much is known about Aethelwold's early life, but he did have an older brother called Aethelhelm. ("Episode 4.5"), Lord Æthelhelm worries that they’re running out of time to find Uhtred and the king’s niece. The Last Kingdom S4 E1 review: will Alfred’s legacy come tumbling down? Following Alfred's death, Aethelwold made a bid for the throne as a senior aetheling, which means a prince eligible for kingship. ("Episode 4.4"), Tettenhall, Mercia; Lord Æthelhelm arrives after they have won the battle at Tettenhall. This is a signal of intention. They kill many men and take Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard captive. [THEORY]Last Kingdom season 5: Will Eadith play avenge Eardwulf's death? As Ælswith enters, Burgred remarks that Edward lets his own kin in while good Mercians suffer. In the third season, Aethelwold's character took a dark turn when he plotted to take the throne for himself after Alfred died. He blames Steapa’s death on Æthelflæd’s ambition to be loved by all and chronicled for her bravery. Edward wishes to further discuss this unity as well as the betrothal of his niece. They won the war, now they must help bring about the peace. Æthelred and Æthelhelm question how Uhtred knew where to find Æthelflæd. Still, Edward orders him to return to Winchester. When the Danes break the peace, they’ll be ready. The treacherous Aethelhelm has made a lot of enemies. with 200, in a day. The latest season of The Last Kingdom premiered on 26th April 2020. King Edward says they’ll ignore the news until the scouts confirm and orders them to continue to fortify the board. Æthelred's sons were too young to become king when their father died in 871, and the throne passed to their uncle, Alfred. Æthelhelm is a noble; he is the lord of Wiltshire. The Last Kingdom Season 5 can show the pair pay price for their deceit as her father Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) badly hate Edward's family. Ælfweard - Grandson †Uhtred - Grandson Last Kingdom: Harry McEntire as Aethelwold, Last Kingdom: Aethelwold was known to be a troublemaker. Aethelwold is a main character in The Saxon Stories, and in seasons one to three of The Last Kingdom. He then reveals to his daughter that Ælswith was seen visiting Edward’s bastard at the monastery. Æthelhelm I have only read the first of The Saxon Stories books, I watched no series four previews nor did I read any promotional material, so the first time I saw Eysteinn Sigurðarson as Sigtryggr was the first time I watched this episode on Netflix. ("Episode 4.6"), The Mercian people have nothing but ill will towards Æthelred and show him no respect, much to Ælswith and Edward’s disapproval. "Edward's apparent reluctance to engage him in battle may have been well-founded. Although, Edward may take a different view. Æthelhelm or Æþelhelm (c. 859–923) was the younger son of Æthelred of Wessex (Æþelræd). Her death helps that rat Æthelwold set a trap into play that gets Uhtred banished, creating a ton of drama. DON'T MISS...Last Kingdom season 5: Will Finan and Eadith get together? In the bloody heat of battle, it’s not always easy to follow exactly who stabbed who through … Does the king really want his own mother punished like this, Aethelhelm is … Æthelhelm tells her there is sickness all around. Last Kingdom: Uhtred makes Aethelwold confess, Last Kingdom: Uhtred stabbed Aethelwold through the heart. Origins unknown, likely the father of Ælflæd Portrayer Ælswith explains that Edward’s father was crowned King of Wessex, but he always sought to unite the Christian peoples. Ælswith survived the swamps of Athelney and is unafraid of the sickness. Æthelred has issued an order for his men to retreat, but he wants to know when they will be joined by Wessex. Brida determines that Stiorra is at least half Dane. Æthelred of Mercia was a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. She put the men of Wessex and all the Christian kingdoms at risk. He defiles their holy places and slaughters their priests. However, he came against his better judgement, and he doesn’t take his sister’s defiance lightly. In order to silence Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), Aethelhelm had told his daughter of a plan to poison her, using … Alfred states that Uhtred is a warrior and that should Edward take his counsel as king, then he may be better off for it. Æthelhelm or Æþelhelm (c. 859–923) was the younger son of Æthelred of Wessex (Æþelræd). Lord Æthelhelm intervenes, advising Burgred to remove himself. Is Aelflaed based on a real person? Last Kingdom: How did Ruby Hartley feel about playing Stiorra? And once he’s gone, Edward could defeat Cnut and unite the kingdoms, fulfilling his father’s dream. ("Episode 4.5"), Lord Æthelhelm pulls Cenric to the side and instructs him to tell the Wessex Guard to settle within the walls. ("Episode 3.5"), Æthelhelm arrives in Winchester to meet with Alfred. Died of illness. S3 Ælflæd - DaughterÆthelhelm - Son †Ælswyth - Daughter Ludeca then reveals that Eardwulf left with 12 of their best men. Nigel Marchant speaks on Uhtred's attempt to retake Bebbanburg, King Alfred's dream of a united England, and the death of major characters. For others named Æthelred, see Æthelred of Wessexor Æthelred Mucel. Family He is the father of Ælflæd. She orders for Uhtred to be tied to the crucifix in the marketplace. They’re guided in by Father Pyrlig. Edward - Son-in-law Ælswith retorts that if not for his actions, Cnut and Sigtryggr would’ve joined forces and they would be facing a bigger threat. The Last Kingdom explained: What REALLY happened to Iseult? The time has come to take a bolder step. King Edward seeks to conquer them. Æthelflæd will summon the Mercian fyrds to Tettenhall. Last Appearance Miniatures. However, her blind trust in Christians may have led to her death since her fate is unknown after Aethelhelm poisoned her in the Season 4 finale. Family Last Kingdom: Who is dating who? ("Episode 4.6"), Cenric reports back to Edward and Æthelhelm. As a mark of goodwill, Alfred raises the bride price by a third, which Æthelhelm accepts. Character Based on a Real Historical Figure, https://the-last-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Æthelhelm_the_Elder?oldid=20188, This character has been based on a real historical figure of. ... Aethelhelm, will undoubtedly conspire against his firstborn to ensure his second son Aelfweard will get the throne. Is Aelflaed based on a real person? With Æthelred gone, the people of Mercia expect King Edward to protect them. newspaper archive. Rule the sword, and rule the land. Ælflæd repeatedly states that she is hungry as she is not accustomed to discomfort. However, Æthelhelm disagrees with calling off the ceremony. ("Episode 4.2"), Æthelhelm, Æthelflæd, Pyrlig, King Edward, Aldhelm, and Ælswith attend Ælflæd’s coronation. He plans to poison Ælswith. The show has left the viewers gasping for air. Pyrlig then relays this to the king. Unfortunately, there hasn't. In spirit, he was King of all Saxons. Æthelhelm suggests that it may be better for all of the children didn’t exist. Ælswith warns them that her son will burn them all to the ground before he concedes any of Wessex land. Directed by Edward Bazalgette. Æthelhelm must act before Ælswith turns Edward away from them. The Last Kingdom season 4 was a massive hit when the season was added to Netflix in April 2020. SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have not watched “The Last Kingdom” Season 4, which dropped April 26 on Netflix. The historian Æthelweard (died c. 998) claimed descent from King Æthelred I and may therefore be a descendant of Æthelhelm. Æthelred has spies inside Danelaw that have confirmed the Danes are moving closer. Brida orders her men to find Uhtred and send him Stiorra’s head, but Sigtryggr takes Stiorra with him instead. Æthelhelm tells Ælflæd to drink enough water and give the jug back and after that not to drink anymore. Ælflæd tries to but matters of Kingship weigh heavy on Edward. The pair married against Edward’s will and had a son together, who Aelflaed believed was the rightful heir to the throne. ("Episode 4.9"), Ælflæd blames Edward for not being in Winchester to protect them. Brown Alexander Dreymon | The Last Kingdom | London Live - YouTube However, Alfred tells him that he has no place to speak of raising fyrds. Æthelhelm assures his daughter he will do what he must. Æthelhelm interrupts to inform them that Lady Æthelflæd isn’t at the nunnery as Ælswith claimed. For others named Æthelred, see Æthelred of Wessexor Æthelred Mucel. And as for the command to punish the king’s mother, he asks Cenric to undertake it. Appeared in Later, Lord Æthelhelm orders Cenric to ride to Saltwic and fetch Ælfwynn. The Last Kingdom: Who is Uhtred of Bebbanburg? Cornwell is known for his passion for British history, and many of the characters in his books and the series are based on real people. Aethelwold did not show much interest in the job as ruler of Wessex, and he was known for being a drunk. Ælfweard - Grandson Æthelhelm claims that he nearly placed himself between Edward and some necessary unpleasantness. The Last Kingdom Season 4 ends with a surprise truce and a horrible new feud. However, he removed one of Aethelwold's eyes so he could pay for his crimes, but this did not stop the betrayals. He saw Æthelflæd leaving Winchester. "Episode 3.4" His father was on the throne between the years 865 and 871, and Aethelwold was still a child when he died. Edward - Son-in-law †Uhtred - Son-in-law Ælswith warns them that If Æthelred is seeking St. Oswald, he means to break from Wessex. ("Episode 4.4"), Aegelesburg, Mercia; King Edward, Lord Æthelhelm, and Pyrlig ride into Mercia to hold Æthelred accountable for abandoning his people. Ælswith and Æthelflæd suggest calling off the coronation and sending men to Aegelesburg to retake it. Edward questions if he should offer his niece to him as dowry in return for a renewal of the alliance. THE LAST KINGDOM season 5 is on the way and fans are keen to know if Aelflaed and her father Aethelhelm … He is the richest man as well as the most powerful ealdorman in Wessex. Each crafted to an impossible standard. Their rivals have between 40 and 50 men. And a rumor persists that her marriage to Edward was legitimate. Æthelhelm then asks if Uhtred is an outlaw, to which both Alfred and Ælswith claim that he is. However, Æthelwold sees it as his loyalty to the crown, which may some day rest on his head, as the Witan and Ealdormen are known to be unpredictable. ("Episode 4.5"), Edward and Ludeca are confronted by Burgred. Sigtryggr comes to take Ælfweard but Ælflæd reveals that Æthelstan is the king’s first born. Wiltshire, WessexWiltshire, Wessex The Last Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Still, Æthelhelm argues there is a large risk. Lord Æthelhelm advises him to act decisively to install someone in Mercia before chaos breaks out. Uhtred will only reveal her location if Edward promises that Ælfwynn and Æthelflæd will be protected. However, Uhtred wanted to send Ragnar's soul to Valhalla, so he stabbed Aethelwold through the heart with a sword which released Ragnar's soul. The Last Kingdom S4 E2: winds of change and dramatic father-son relations; The Last Kingdom S4 E3 review: moments of introspection remind us of history’s “shared humanity” The Last Kingdom S4 E4 review: “Royal rage could be a terrible thing in the early Middle Ages” They are then joined by Steapa, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard, though Edward doesn’t appear interested in either of them. Residence However, when he sees the king is barely conscious and not even aware of himself, King Edward exits. She arranged a reunion between the boy and his mother. His only challenger is Æthelwold, who Ælswith promises will be dealt with. As for Lord Æthelred, no one knows if he’s dead or alive. Grandchildren The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Aelflaed be killed in revenge plot? Each figure, a piece of artwork worthy of the finest collection. He then orders for Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard to be locked up. The Last Kingdom season 5: Will The Last Kingdom have a season 5? He remarks that there’s ways to make men the Lord of Mercia without the Witan. Pyrlig and Burgred refuse to abandon the sick, but Lord Æthelhelm is in agreement with Ludeca. Edward then tells Æthelhelm to have his mother publicly rebuked for raising King Hywel’s army. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ("Episode 4.6"), Ælswith arrives in Aegelesburg but the gates remain closed. They ask if he would like to fight or yield. Edward has been married once before. Affinity ("Episode 4.9"), Ælswith, Æthelstan, Stiorra, Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard are taken to Brida, Sigtryggr, and Eardwulf. Affinity He believes that the bride price offered by Alfred and Ælswith seemed low. Edward asks to have some time alone with his wife-to-be, but Æthelhelm is very much against it after hearing talk of Edward’s bastard children. Uhtred wants 1,000 men and he will give them Beamfleot and peace. Pyrlig informs them that Danish survivors have been spotted heading East. Æthelhelm suspects their being toyed with. Æthelwold then informs Æthelhelm that he is not Edward’s first father-in-law. [INSIGHT]. Both he and his brother were too young to inherit the throne in 871 and it passed to their uncle King Alfred the Great (Ælfred) who granted them both lands. Historically [FAN DISCUSSION]The Last Kingdom season 5: Will The Last Kingdom have a season 5? Last Kingdom is a popular historical drama series which is based on Anglo-Saxon history, and it was inspired by The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. Alfred joins them and demands the truth. Cenric then informs Edward that the Ealdormen have called their Witan for after the funeral. The Last Kingdom: Will Uhtred be reunited with his son young Uhtred. In order to silence Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), Aethelhelm had told his daughter of a plan to poison her, using … The latest season of The Last Kingdom premiered on 26th April 2020. Male The Last Kingdom Season 5 can show the pair pay price for their deceit as her father Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) badly hate Edward's family. Fans came to dislike Aethelwold's character as he was always stirring up trouble and causing fights. However, that’s likely due to the fact that everyone is dead. Lord Æthelhelm explains that what Edward needs is to listen to those wiser than him, who knows the cost of battle. 4 novels (see below) Winchester, Wessex; Æthelhelm arrives in Winchester and meets with Alfred and Edward. King Edward is joined by his mother, Ælswith, whom he tells to take comfort in knowing that all is well. He tells her not to return south. King Edward explains that he will set the terms, not anyone else. Æthelhelm finished the last of the water. ("Episode 3.9"), After Uhtred is pardoned by both Alfred and Edward, he helps prepare Wessex for a battle with the Danes. As Æthelhelm is being taken away, he bargains with one of the guards. Ragnar's girlfriend Brida (Emily Cox), later found out it was Aethelwold who killed Ragnar and she warned Uhtred. He accuses Uhtred of making a plan with Hæsten in order to gain Æthelflæd’s trust. Lastly, he has the captives taken to the chapel and fed. But he was unsuccessful in building an army to support his claim to the throne. Æthelred asks if the Ealdormen stand with Edward. First Appearance And so, Edward orders that the gates be shut. Ælswith insists that the marriage is the past and the children are bastards. Edward - Son-in-law. Ludeca admits that Burgred may have been right all along. Alfred denies Uhtred's proposal. King Edward would like to ensure no force is used. The historian Æthelweard (died c. 998) claimed descent from King Æthelred I and may therefore be a descendant of Æthelhelm. Æthelhelm tells Ælfweard that the men of Wessex are fighters. In the bloody heat of battle, it’s not always easy to follow exactly who stabbed who through … ("Episode 3.4"), The Witan has requested Uhtred and Æthelflæd's presence. Edward then realizes that Cnut is trying to draw him out into the open. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Many Mercians believe that uniting the body of the saint will restore their land to greatness. Edward tells Cenric to burn herbs in the surrounding fields to let the smoke drive out the bad air. Furthermore, Edward isn’t welcome to attend. Grey With Alexander Dreymon, Arnas Fedaravicius, Mark Rowley, Ewan Mitchell. Aethelwold is likely to have died on the battlefield, having been caught up in the brawl between the Saxons and the Danes. ("Episode 4.9"), Ælswith, Æthelstan, Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard remain locked up. Æthelhelm does this by having Cenric torture Uhtred when he refuses to tell him the location of Ælfwynn. Æthelflæd then thanks Edward for his contribution and for saving her. The Last Kingdom season 4: Is Lady Aelswith dead? order back issues and use the historic Daily Express 15 episodes (see below) With this in mind, it is true Aethelwold died during a battle, but his death was not likely to have been caused by Uhtred. ("Episode 4.1"), Lord Æthelhelm, Uhtred, Pyrlig, and King Edward discuss the matter of Uhtred helping Edward fulfill his father’s dream of a united land, but only if King Edward gives him men to retake Bebbanburg. Pyrlig grows uncomfortable with the talk of Ludeca’s betrothal to Edward’s niece and leaves. Or to Æthelhelm’s point, a ploy to pander to the simple folk of Mercia. The author is … He demands that the king remove his troops from Aegelesburg. Alexander Dreymon once again suits up as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in Season 4 of “The Last Kingdom.” This time out though, Uhtred goes through some things that … She explains that it was Edward’s wish for them to go to Bedwyn. ("Episode 4.7"), Winchester, Wessex; Brida, Sigtryggr, Eardwulf, and the Danes attack Winchester. Grandchildren The historian Æthelweard (died c. 998) claimed descent from King Æthelred I and may therefore be a descendant of Æthelhelm. He also attends the Witan, in which Æthelwold is sentenced to have his eye removed for betrayal. So, the battle would remove the problem of King Æthelred. Last Kingdom season 5: Will Brida's baby survive? Eardwulf informs Sigtryggr that they will have the town soon enough. ("Episode 4.3"), Ælflæd tells Æthelhelm that Edward is too deep in prayer and that he shouldn't be bothered. Residence Winchester, Wessex (currently)Wiltshire, Wessex Steapa interrupts to inform Pyrlig that the Danes have attacked Mercia. Others might lay claim to the throne. After finding out he had plotted with the Danes, Alfred chose to spare Aethelwold's life, hoping to send him on a path to redemption. Limited Runs. It was planted there should this situation arise. ("Episode 4.1"), Lord Æthelhelm, King Edward, Pyrlig, and Æthelflæd discuss Æthelred of Mercia and the troop of soldiers he’s led from Aegelesburg. ("Episode 3.9"), Æthelhelm asks why was he not told about Edward being married previously and that his children were from this marriage. Alive The show has left the viewers gasping for air. Edward and Aethelwold continued to battle against each other, and in 903 Aethelwold persuaded the Fanes to attack Edward's kingdoms in Wessex and Mercia. Status The purple blooms, when dissolved in water, are tasteless and effective, especially in children. Historian Martin Ryan said: "What is striking about Æthelwold's rebellion is the level and range of support he was able to draw on. Ælswith tells Æthelhelm to focus on his account with God and Ælflæd to reflect on her anger towards a child, when her own is in danger. Edward’s mother and sister force his hand. Should Eardwulf agree, they would only need the approval of a Witan. One country, one king. Edward worries that the sickness may have taken her and that they drove her into danger, but Æthelhelm recalls Æthelflæd leaving of her own will. Edward wonders how old will he be when Ælfwynn is of age to produce an heir. ("Episode 4.2"), Pyrlig informs King Edward, Æthelhelm, and Steapa that Cnut has left Aegelesburg and is camped near Tameworthig. First Appearance Children Edward explains that he’s merely waiting for the right moment. Last Kingdom season 5: Will Eadith play avenge Eardwulf's death? Burgred calls King Edward a liar. Lord Æthelhelm chooses to yield, and Sigtryggr orders his men to kill the Wessex Guards regardless. Grandchildren The Last Kingdom star doesn’t think his character will survive season 5. Edward, Æthelhelm, and Cenric enter despite being unwelcome and the Witan proceeds. Edward fears that Burgred continues to speak against him, but Æthelhelm believes him to be no genuine threat. He spent a lot of time with Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) as the warriro planned to double-cross King Peredur (Paul Ritter). He explains that going in would essentially mean sacrificing his own men. Uhtred isn't convinced that conquest is really Sigtryggr's ultimate aim. ("Episode 3.10"), Winchester, Wessex; Lord Æthelhelm informs King Edward and Pyrlig that Cnut is leaving for Irland to help a cousin, Sigtryggr, who’s besieged there. He is the father of Ælflæd. Ælflæd - Daughter ("Episode 3.8"), Æthelwold approaches Æthelhelm at the royal feast to congratulate him. The Last Kingdom season 5 theories Season five will consist of another 10 episodes on Netflix, based on books nine and ten of The Saxon Stories: Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer. He is the richest man as well as the most powerful ealdorman in Wessex. The Last Kingdom is a historical drama series on Netflix which is based on the books called The Saxon Stories by author Bernard Cornwell. Ælswith reveals that she has gone to Mercia. Æthelwold and his brother Æthelhelm were still infants when their father the king died while fighting a Danish Viking invasion. He assures Brida she will have Uhtred when he’s done. Ælswith grows uncomfortable with the notion and leaves. He was the nephew of King Alfred (David Dawson) but his family considered him to be an unsuitable heir to the throne due to his defiant nature. One that could endanger Ælflæd’s son when the time comes. Uhtred urges Edward to accept his offer, but he instead agrees with Lord Æthelhelm and refuses to lend Uhtred his men. I love so much about The Last Kingdom, but @HarryMcentire as Aethelwold is far and away the best part. The audience witnessed various twists and turns in The Last Kingdom Season 4. Ælswith explains that there’s a plant that flowers in the courtyard. It would bring a fighting force under Edward’s command. Although Aethelhelm has certainly made an impact on The Last Kingdom, he is essentially a secondary villain to threats such as King Alfred (David Dawson) and Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley). Æthelflæd claims that Danes are near and it was Hæsten who attacked her. They wish to discuss the strength of the union between their children. Edward calls on Cenric and sends him back to Winchester to have their men brought to Mercia to help rebuild the town.

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