‎A must-have app for library users! Library will have staffed opening hours cut: Open+ will mean overall hours increased. Latin, from Greek bibliothēkē, from bibli-+ thēkē case; akin to Greek tithenai to put, place — more at do Grant Overview OPEN+ Pilot • Install OPEN+ in 10 CA libraries for 2 years • Extend library hours • Pilot new self-services (e.g. An interview with Matt Finch in the time of Coronavirus, Public library services and Coronavirus, GLL a few weeks in, Public Libraries and Coronavirus: Suffolk Libraries, A business library during coronavirus and beyond: City Business Library, Coronavirus and public libraries – state of play 23 March, List of Library Trusts and prospective Library Trusts, So you’re dependent on fines: The seven step plan to removing your addiction, List of outsourced and prospective outsourced library authorities, List of Staffless / “Open Plus” Libraries in the United Kingdom and beyond, Literature Festivals with library involvement, 2010-2014: From Community Library to Community-run library: a look at the impact of volunteers, Pros: reasons for volunteer “community libraries”, Successful community-run libraries – Croxteth and Minchinhampton, A short History of Derwent Valley BRIDGE Community Library, Cons: reasons against volunteer “community libraries”, “The reality is very different”: A volunteer library manager speaks. BA Libraries . Mission: Bibliotheca, LLC is dedicated to the development of solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. The trials resulted in increased visitor numbers of between 75 and 185 per cent over a 12-month period in 2016.”. “The council believes that the model that has been implemented offers people an enhanced service, without the council having to close any of the libraries. An illustration of an open book. If the library can increase supply then demand will increase from all demographics and user types. Public Libraries News by Ian Anstice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Five libraries converted from August 2016. Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to login and get started! Bibliotheca said in 2016 that there were 205 Open+ libraries (not necessarily all public) in Scandinavia (including 180 in Denmark – where the library card is also the national ID card which cuts down, but doesn’t eliminate – the number of people using other people’s IDs – and 41 in Sweden, 25 in Finland and 14 Norway, The first report of a 24/7 library from Australia is Victoria in late 2019, The first public library to use the system in the USA began a trial in June 2016, (inc Tubercurry in Sligo, Tullamore and Banaher in County Offa and the Lexicon in Dublin, September 2016), the decision was made to make 200 of the 330 libraries staffless in June 2018. Under 16’s, like everybody else, are free to use the new extended hours of library access 7 days a week. (November 2016). T: +44 1 462 477600 E: specification.gb@dormakaba.com. “11,000” sign up (October 2017) for usage at Church End and Colindale, Consultation included Open+ for libraries outside of hours, as part of cuts package, Due to strength of public concern, Open+ only to be installed at Central (where security guards are present) and not in branch libraries. The Council claims it is using a ‘pilot’ at Edgware library to test its plans. Auf vielfachen Wunsch haben wir die Online-Schulungen zu den Themen BIBLIOTHECAplus, RDA, OPEN und Einstellungen: Do's & Don'ts nun in kleineren, limitierten Gruppen neu aufgelegt, um mehr Gelegenheit für Fragen und individuelleres Eingehen auf Ihre jeweilige Situation zu haben. Peterborough Library Service has 10 public libraries and 1 mobile library. A response to this wouldn’t be quick enough with the use of CCTV.” Calne, “TEO [Open+] requires names and PIN numbers to be able to operate. “Smoke alarms might not even pick up smoking.” [February 2016]. ... Bibliotheca geographorum Arabicorum Item Preview remove-circle ... plus-circle Add Review. £330k refurbished, with co-location, meeting rooms and Open+. Video An illustration of an audio speaker. Open Plus Open Plus is the name of the system developed by Bibliotheca, who also deliver the self-service RFID system in South Gloucestershire Libraries. (February 2020). If there is a problem with the library servers or other computer-related issue, including servers or data, then the system does not work and the library has to close. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Make sure you have the facts when you decide Scotland’s future, Libraries shaping the future: toolkit and case studies, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases, future-proof their service for the next 5 years, extend opening hours by almost 50% across all sites, which have gone from 261 hours to 386 hours per week, seen a reduction of £305,000 to a total library budget of £1.5 million, saved £275,000 from staff with voluntary redundancies, £2,000 for enabling works, including internal locks. Case Study: Fresh Horizons, Huddersfield. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Photo credit: Bibliotheca. for the printed and digital items of our collection there is the catalog of HZI incl. Altrincham Library opens in new building, soon to be Open+. Now libraries have more flexibility over the days and hours they open for their communities. bibliotheca Launches New Solutions to Help Libraries Thrive During Uncertain Times open+ count and open+ reserve, solutions designed to help libraries monitor and control building occupancy Read the full story. Cost: the system is cheaper than paid staffing but cost (especially set up) is still substantial. (August 2017), Bishops Cleeve Library – open only for Open+ for majority of week (March 2017), “In some Tier 3 libraries that are single staffed, the council is looking to pilot an ‘open library’ approach whereby the library would be unstaffed some of the time but remain open to allow customers to issue or return books using the self-service systems” (November 2015), “To begin with, the self-access technology will be operational outside of staffed hours, but due to the demands on the council’s budgets we will be looking at reducing staffed hours in libraries. Barnet have decided 15 is the correct age. comment. In the Republic of Ireland, after a few pilots (inc Tubercurry in Sligo, Tullamore and Banaher in County Offa and the Lexicon in Dublin, September 2016), the decision was made to make 200 of the 330 libraries staffless in June 2018. Verification between the door entry panel and the library management system is not available as the latter has failed. (October 2016), £350k allocated to Open+. Kempston and Putnoe “decided against”. There is one staffless library in Germany. The first report of a 24/7 library from Australia is Victoria in late 2019, which used State and volunteer funds in order to boost hours overnight. Equalities issues: pilots in some authorities show far more men than women are willing to enter an apparently unsupervised library (ratio of 90% male to 10% female mentioned in one workshop attended by the author). Names have been recovered but PIN information is irrecoverable. Books. In response to the consultation, the council considered a range of models and opted for the Open+ model delivered by Bibliotheca. Coronavirus – Public library ideas and responses, Reopening during Coronavirus: examples and ideas. Question of access for those unaccompanied under 16 needs addressing in each authority. This is a system being adopted in many authorities in the UK having been launched in Denmark in 2011. Checking Out Securely: The Challenge of Staffless Libraries, All nine libraries to be Open+, Binfield Library first. Swipe, type and enter. Users can come in, use the building, do what they need to do and then leave or, if they need staff assistance, they can visit during staffed hours. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. The text is treated in classic typographic style, free of all added conventions such as chapter and verse numbers, … Required fields are marked *, Get the latest news post direct to your inbox, free of charge. With so many of their patrons already accustomed to using self-service, accessing the library by simply scanning their library card and entering their usual pin number at the external access control panel was easy to adapt to straight away. The library service now looks forward to widening community use to create multi-user sites. The most important reference instruments are. “Physical access will be difficult for anyone with such needs, and once in the library, without staff present, many learning disabled residents, perhaps with autism, or similar difficulties, will struggle to use the facilities provided …” (. (February 2020), Tender document for open access technology in one to all libraries, 7 libraries (Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Hattersley, Hyde, Mossley, Stalybridge) from 2018. • Scott Hackstadt, Bibliotheca. Company profile page for Bibliotheca LLC including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information “We need to protect our librarians – they serve an important purpose; they are what make libraries so accessible.” Bristol Post, January 2016. dormakaba's contribution to the project Only 30 metres separate the library from the Mediterranean. Are volunteer libraries statutory or non-statutory? The cost of borrowing is £24,600 over 8.5 years. Since posting his "Bibliotheca" project on Kickstarter on June 27, 2014, with the goal of raising $37,000 to produce a first run, the amount contributed by backers has shot up to over $800,000 as of press time. Bibliotheca said in 2016 that there were 205 Open+ libraries (not necessarily… open+ access is a comprehensive system that allows libraries to provide more flexible hours, making them more accessible to the community. 2016/17 105 closed. Syston Library in staffless pilot. Pilot deemed successful in August 2016 meaning “Libraries Extra” extended to all 14 libraries. Open+ has been really well received by councillors and had cross-party support. When and how will public libraries reopen in England? Bibliotheca Open+ has enabled Peterborough libraries to contribute to smarter ways of working as all libraries can continue to deliver a service which is open for longer hours, allowing them to successfully overcome the challenge of transformation in times of austerity. See a ITV News report on the project here. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. Open technology will not be suitable for Hove on Sundays as it has too many rooms. Open+ introduced at Bedford Central, Bromham and Wooton. Westcroft Library reopens with Xtra carded entry, January 2019. The following is a doubtless incomplete list of authorities and branches which are using or plan to use this system. Would such users be checked by the authority to ensure they do not take advantage of other users during unstaffed times. “, “”A lady has just told us that she regularly uses the library for job hunting because she no longer has the internet at home/ She saw a job advertised on Monday morning, came into the library during an open+ session and sent off her CV. “Thin end of the wedge”: system is introduced to extend opening hours but, with cuts, may increasingly replace core hours, being used as an excuse or placebo for reducing opening hours. Speak Up For Libraries Workshop: 23rd November, Steve Davies opening speech to Speak Up For Libraries – full presentation notes, Speak Up For Libraries Conference, 22 November 2014, How to make an official complaint to the DCMS, Public Lending Right (PLR) and Volunteer Libraries, “Suicides, literacy and Space Hoppers”, Politics article 13/6/11, List of withdrawn libraries (no longer updated), New and refurbished libraries by authority (no longer updated), Transcripts of library related programmes, Trends in libraries: BBC “The Library Returns” May 2012, Transcript of Michael Rosen’s “Our Libraries: The Next Chapter” on Radio Four, Practitioners: What senior managers think 27/3/12, Indigenous Knowledge Centres: Queensland Public Libraries finding a niche, The CCC/Tsutaya library miracle in Japan: combined bookshop libraries, Maker Spaces in Libraries – The state of the art December 2013, A glimpse of Tokyo library life, by Sue Charteris, Relative Poverty: A display designed especially for libraries, Nick Poole on what can we learn from the past to inform the future of public libraries, A home for the homeless: Rachael Rivera and the Auckland Library Streeties, Dancing Darth Vaders And Talking To Astronauts: Liam Cookson talks MozFest 2017, A little less conversation: Nick Poole from CILIP writes about the problems with public libraries and action needed, The Amazing Grace of Public Libraries (or aromatherapy for local living), Libraries Taskforce Kathy Settle sets the records straight, Thema: Graham Bell describes Thema, the new subject classification for the global book industry, General Election 2015 and Public Libraries: statements from Conservatives, Greens, Labour and Lib Dems on libraries, Ed Vaizey’s statements on public libraries (historical webpage), Devonport Library (Te Pataka Korero o Te Hau Kapua), New Zealand, Idea Stores: what the ideas are and why they’re important, Speed dating and public libraries: Warrington Livewire case study, Public Library Apparel: a quick interview with Lottie Begg, “The social aspect of reading”: Fife’s success with food, wizards and comic-cons, Stock management – A complete beginners guide, Public libraries and social media: as local and as useful as your fingers, Ten tips for embedding social media good practice in your everyday public library work…, Customer service: welcome the complaints and damn well enjoy yourself, Fun Palaces in Public Libraries: What, How and Why … the case study of Lambeth, 3D Printers and Maker Spaces in Libraries, Repair Cafes – Case Study (Warminster Library, Wiltshire), Ideas and innovations in public libraries, Knowing me, knowing you: do we really know our existing and potential library users?

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