In the far future, the material needs of humankind are tended by the omnipresent Machine, which makes their environment, in vast tunnels beneath the earth, comfortable and safe. The reason I took early retirement is because I couldn’t stand it anymore. These projections have no foundation in either fact or evidence. ), “Christmas In Lancashire” Quite. Dr. Zaius is the true hero of the story: Instead we have papers outlining our exercises, Our rewards and punishments being based on our ‘adherence’ ( obedience is a word they daren’t use). In Germany there are local Telegram groups where people go to organize offline action. So it doesn’t matter if animals have a soul or share one. There is not enough national and widespread condemnation of Witless and Unbalanced. Het platenlabel Cherry Red Records bracht het album uit op 15 april 2016.. Het album haalde Britse albumlijst, met één week op plaats 29. It would appear that if you reject the MSM account, THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! There is a “surge,” a “second wave,” an “upswing,” our cases are “skyrocketing” and we’re all “horrified” that our fellow man is “not caring enough to mask up” and shut up. But you still crack me up. What struck me about this story is how it had somewhat of a blase’ sense of horror to it if that makes sense. The Machine Stops. Rather, this is the strategic destruction of the social. Public displays of affection to the max! But even if you get top marks you haven’t learned anything. But no, if so one would expect to see an end to lockdown. About Subjects. She kept going to see her Doctor, and they kept telling her there is nothing wrong you…so she wrote a book about it. All I know is that, prior to taking part in the trials, these people were healthy and alive. This is about the far-right trying to shut down the real economy so that their billionaire cronies can profit. Perhaps you see where I’m going with this. I live in Matt Wancock’s constituency! The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 48 pages and is available in Paperback format. We are blinkered in this country about them. It wasn’t on the label Directed by Adam Freise, Nathan Freise. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ”. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to this cheerful short story. Lizards and Nazis . I think it makes sense to people who have been using it for a long time, so the complexity was incremental for them. But masks are also bad for you and bad for US. Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee. Johnson can’t sack Whitty or Vallance. I do check Twitter links when someone recommends them, albeit grudgingly. Visiting my brother for his birthday I must have broken at least 3 or 4 rules/laws. I have lost count of how many and how often the number of rules / laws I have broken. Private versus state education, Jean. How has it come to this, a civilised democracy brought to its knees by an incompetent NHS, three rogue scientists (Witless, Unbalanced and Pantsdown) and a Prime Minister who is totally unfit for any sort of responsibility and a LOTO who is worse than useless and and has no idea what the word opposition means. Both isolated and detached from the physical presence of one another, and nature herself, we are in freefall. A social dismantling. We have the lowest number of ICU beds. veuillez télécharger, imprimer et distribuer largement. He’s Totalitarian. If Trump wins it has been well and truly rigged just like ours in December. These conspiracy nuts are just looking for an easy way out. Sweden is STILL below 6,000 recorded covid deaths, using the same bent system as they use over here, and of course we know the death toll is a complete fraud anyway. If you have not seen this trailer already I suggest that you do so fast as this movie has not popped up out of the woodwork to simply entertain us all it bears a clear message of things to come. I’m a soft-spoken person and have to work up courage every time I speak, the mask has made it so I just rarely speak at all in public now. I’m not sure you grasped that the story is a parable. Two people live in a dark technological utopia/dystopia - "the Machine". I don’t think he receives notifications of replies… Then, to top it all off, they’ve banned autopsies on deaths with covid on the death certificate so the real proof of death can never be verified. OR he might have been influenced by his experience during WWII. Ordered? They have produced, and continue to produce, fake research findings to support their lies. Yes! We know what it’s about, they want rid of the population, but I’m not an activist. If I subsequently wasn’t put through I would have to keep telephoning every morning until I did. In effect, it admitted that Sweden seems to have escaped a resurgence unlike the rest of Europe. If you can infect many of those 87 y.o. That’s why I think – and of course could be dead wrong – that this one particular election is all about one thing and one thing only: are you pro-lockdown or anti-lockdown. What right do you have to breathe? The machine mind is a mechanical conditioning reaction to judgement that literally know not what it does, but is predicated to a locked-down split off, distanced and masked under tyrannous narrative or mythic identity. This is why the Biden family sex ‘n crime is toxic. Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee. Cheer UP! They’re nihilistic and psychotic. I have become so cynical re: the news that I don’t take anything they say at face value. Sue got sick Forster projects a future where all the mundane tasks of living are handled by 'the machine' such that humans are freed to pursue 'ideas.' I’m past my bedtime – way past it. Hotline: US+China Top Brass Crises Talks/ Wall St Expects 20% Plunge/ Car Slams Mecca Grand Mosque/ Democrat Immigration Filmmaker Votes Trump/ UN: Stop Greening The Sahara!/ Covid Gaelic Gulag/ Legal Pot Psychosis/ Clown Runs OR Health DeptBOMBSHELL REPORT: Hunter Biden With Young Black Woman + Malia Obama Coke Credit Card Photo Reported by Christian News. The point once again, is to save the biggest wasted of public money this country has which is the NHS. It’s anticipated, and prepared for ( The utter vacuousness, mental bankruptsy and transparency of the kakistocracy’s fabrications is politically irrelevant. Its a machine. There is an original mind – before a masked mind of private judgements BECAME a new normal – that remains un-maskable or re-discoverable. But I honestly don’t think the man has the wit to destroy the UK. Title: Charlton Heston screaming melodramatically at the Statue of Slavery : ” You finally really did it. code named defective obrien. I find this really sad, but I don’t blame him, nor his Mum, I blame, the now openly Disgusting Organisation. Scale and sensitivity of its contents – easily accessible to a hacker – is only revealed for first time today They subscribe to life extension, transferring consciousness into virtual words, inter-stellar travel, etc. If you do, the story is included in this Penguin edition of Forster’s short stories.. Two related resources: The late neurologist Oliver Sacks reflects on Forster’s story and contemporary digital culture: “The Machine Stops” They have shut down my swimming pool. Who want you to choke while they obsess about carbon dioxide that you cannot feel – while diesel particulates and monoxide you certainly can. Suspended at the top if the cage was a bunch of bananas. The harms caused by long term mask-wearing far outweight any potential good. Also, it is now well established internationally that the PCR test is not designed for viruses and returns an 80% false positive. Sociopaths like that simply do whatever they please. 1. The artistic temperament is diametrically opposite the authoritarian temperament. She doesn’t. Generation by generation the bar gets lower as the attention span gets shorter as the exercise becomes more pointless. Not a lot of choice there is there? Protecting the economy is far more important than the flu. Firstly, last week didn’t they say that 350,000 per day were now getting CV-19? why do you persist in fouling the comments with your inane drunken ramblings, when sober you can be quite perspicacious and somewhat interesting. Black eternal sentries A Radio 4 programme boiled the benefit of no Swedish lockdown down to a slight economic advantage, but everything else showed it was a mistake! You also accused me of being a big fan of Trump in the middle of “Trump Country.” So I guess my perception of your entire post is that it was full of disdain for me and the place where I live. It is the NHS that has put up a brick wall to this. They are slowly boiling the frog. Two people live in a dark technological utopia/dystopia - "the Machine". The big clampdown is now underway. They treated her as if she was drunk, but she never drinks alcohol. Foreboding in his breast, The hills lay dank and angry Kuno and Vashti, have differing opinions about the world which they live in and their interaction and conflict as ... View production, box office, & company info. They see depopulation as human husbandry ; pruning their garden( not ours). No one believed me in March. Speaking of which, I just caught a blast of the news with medical people rushing round a hospital and lots of serious droning voices and then the sound of someone having a nervous breakdown or perhaps just having a crap and I just zoned out. They quickly forget that they should be according to the ever changing rules / laws be wearing a mask. I think this climate change shit is just another psy-op. Yeah I noticed it. It’s all in our minds. And what if the Machine Stops? Jo, Johnson can’t sack Whitty or Vallance. I was baffled and insulted by maxine’s comment! Once again,those two alleged scientists Witless (Witty) and Unbalanced (Valance) have set in motion the further tanking of the economy, significant increase in unemployment and the destruction of small to medium size businesses. He quickly concluded that climbing the ladder wasn’t a good idea. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I admit that for some odd reason, I was never able to warm up to reading poetry. The Italian Government appears to be caving. FACT: We have the lowest number of acute beds in the developed world by quite a significant margin in fact. None of these monkeys knew anything about the fire hose. May the Hash Tag end up in the same garbage heap with COVID-19! Pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will close, along with entertainment and leisure venues – including gyms – as well as hairdressers and beauty salons”. It is so indicative of the Machine’s means of controlling us, especially the bubble-mask, that makes you look like a “fuckwit”. Ditto! And I myself do have some opinions that would get me labelled by some as right wing such as being in favor of the right to own firearms. I don’t think Trump should get any credit for that? It tells, in a few brush-strokes, the story of a son and his mother in a world, far in the future, where humans on the whole planet live in sterilised and isolated cells underground, that they rarely leave. So life went on among the monkeys and after some time the first of the “new” monkeys was replaced with yet another monkey. Laptop also showed he spent $21,000 on one ‘live cam’ porn website. None of them had ever gotten wet for having climbed the ladder in the quest for bananas. The particular corruption that initiated the crony capitalist era was mass production, energy cartels and the shift of decision making from governing institutions to backroom cabals. AZLyrics. Cold and shivering, the three monkeys regrouped and thought about what had happened. It’s a disgusting system whereby one is stuck with 2 Wall Street, endless war making candidates….Voting for Joe is not voting for anything, just someone who is not Trump….I know Off-Guardian agrees with you on COVID….I have my doubts….Don’t know what to think but still wearing my mask, just in case. By this standard, I must necessarily assume no Lockdown or restrictions are further needed as we must surely be at Herd Immunity levels now. That’s why I mention that we are not monkeys. I have been challenged just a few times about not wearing a mask. This explains what we know about the rituals of Skull and Bones. I’ve always thought this story is amazingly prescient! Use the HTML below. I bought some sailing rope yesterday and slung it in the boot of the car. This OffG page certainly covers the same ground nicely, by pointing out how much of what is going on in our world today is not at all okay. I am still here at the age of 67, fit and healthy – well could be better…I was a lot fitter when I was 24, but it still works. He recovers. “The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.” ~Turkish proverb, Yeah, if Boris had any integrity he would resign…. Well indeed, these points are the same that O-G has been making for quite some time….I’m not out to fault you….Each to his/her own….But I’ve gotten some really nasty comments here because I’ve chosen to take some precautions. There was a ladder from the floor of the cage up to the bananas. It’s all good though, because the BBC now have a spokesperson from the “Disinformation Unit” wading in regularly to keep everyone “informed” and on high alert for conspiracy theorists in their ranks, maybe a family member is now a “problem” because they have started using the brain God has blessed them with and they no longer have any faith in the criminals at the BBC. please download, print, and distribute widely. The comments are all full of people praising them for being so smart and having the courage to go against their parents. But I do respect haiku, and working within traditional formal strictures. Yet you still keep wearing your masks, and I will not even speak to you, cos I can’t hear you muffling your words behind that mask that you insist on wearing. Recollections: France c. 2011, Croatia in the 1990s : each had a president who was apparently a nutcase. The biggest bunch of money wasters in the country. The people live in their own individual octagonal cells which are all identical to each other. Every year, people drive to our neighborhood and drop their kids off to trick or treat here. It’s down to Johnson now to shut them up. You really need to watch this. For the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take hold, our global society must be socially engineered to accept, even prefer an artificial existence over that of a physical one. ha, its the ultimate form of gaslighting, hunting and harrassing concerned citzens, liberally salted with mockery and ridicule all the while nurturing and nourishing a draconian nightmare for a dysgenic evil kleptocracy that pays their wine and coke bills. Besides, aren’t they bundling flu, pneumonia and Covid now in the UK? Twitter’s limit isn’t designed to promote concise, pithy comments, or for esthetic reasons– it’s just a blunt instrument to grab maximum dumbed-down eyeballs.